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Most writers have a daily word count they try to achieve everyday or on the days they set aside for writing. I typically write Monday through Friday and save the weekends for family time.

Your daily word count is up to you, and something that can change. You can even have a 100 a day minimum that you shoot for. Just as long as you do have a goal.

From speaking with other writers I’ve found that a lot of us are procrastinators. We love thinking about our books, plotting out scenes, researching, and developing our characters, but sitting down and writing can sometimes be a struggle. Work and family obligations can get in the way. I hear ya, I’m right there too.

But writing is also important.  The book won’t write itself.

This week I’m on a 100 word a day minimum, because I have so many things going on. And you know what? A lot of days I write more than that. In November, I will be back on my 2-3K a day word count.

When you set your wordcount, be reasonable. What is a good number? How long does it take you to write that number? How much time do you have to allot to writing? Do they match up?

Do you participate in 1K hours? That’s when you and one or more people get together in person or online to write at least 1000 words in 1 hour. This is a great motivator! When I’m in my 3K a day mode, I have to do the 1K1H challenges to get me over the hurtle.

Turn off the internal editor. Get your wordcount done, then go back and edit. Highlight an area to research later. Just keep writing.

If you need to, set a timer. I’ll set my timer for 15, 30, 45 minutes to an hour at most. Then I give myself a short break to stretch my legs and move, use the restroom, get some water/coffee, or play with the kids.

What is your daily word count?