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Welcome to my Welcome Back Party for my Men of the Sea series, now all three, Her Captain Returns, Her Captain Surrenders, Her Captain Dares All, available in one ebook. (Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.)

There can’t be a party without goodies and prizes!  For the next four weeks, every Tuesday  (10/18; 10/25; 11/1; 11/8) will be Captain’s Day, chances to win prizes and excerpts from the novellas. Prize winners will be announced each week on Tuesday–so this week’s winner will be announced next week. To enter, simply leave a comment. (Only one winner per week.)

This week is all about first kisses… I’m going to post below the first kiss from each novella.  Enjoy!

Her Captain Returns

“I shall pleasure you, my Captain, for just this one night,” she said with what she hoped was a come hither look.

Corinne faltered a bit from the shocked look on Captain Montgomery’s face, but it quickly changed to one of smoldering desire.

His hand holding hers jerked her towards him, crushing her body to his.

“Ryder. Call me Ryder.” His voice was gruff, filled with hunger for her.

“Ryder,” she breathed.

His lips descended on hers, caressing softly at first and then more firmly. They were warm, and this, her first kiss, was more than she’d ever dreamed of. He placed her hands on his hips, and slid his own up the length of her arms. Chills followed in his fingertips wake and her body shuddered. Boldly she moved her hands over his hips and up his back, massaging the muscles that flexed beneath his waistcoat. It felt so good to touch him. To let her pent up desire out. She would make him stop before they became too heated…

Corinne leaned up on tiptoe, pressing into him further. His scent was intoxicatingly male, and she breathed him in as she pressed her lips to his. She had the urge to taste him and let her tongue slip out apprehensively against his lower lip. Ryder growled low in his throat. Proud of herself for pleasing him, she parted her lips. His tongue thrust in possessively, probing, partaking in what she offered.

Corinne eagerly tasted him back. Her tongue slid over his teeth, his lips, dueling with his. In all her fantasies, she hadn’t imagined such an act. It was absolutely thrilling.

His hands moved from her arms, one gripping her around the whole of her lower back, and the other teasing her ribs and slowly moving upward.

A sigh escaped her lips, and she instinctively arched her back. She would only let him have one touch. Just a taste of what was to come on their wedding night.

Her Captain Surrenders

Nathaniel glanced at Lady Blackburn. Her head was thrown back and she was looking up at the unusually black sky, glittering with stars. Normally the grey hue of smog covered most of their view of the night sky. His eyes were drawn back to the length of her throat, perfectly exposed. A slight pulse could be seen just below the creamy pink of her ear.

Without hesitation, he leaned in and let his lips brush against the slightly throbbing skin. The silky flesh of her neck pulsed beneath his lips.


A soft moan escaped her, and she tilted her head to the sideto give him better access.

He slid his mouth up to the petite pink lobe above her quickening pulse and gently teased the skin with his teeth. Lady Blackburn’s breath grazed sweetly on his cheek as she sighed. Her response aroused the hell out of him, and Nathaniel felt for sure he’d no longer be able to controlhimself. He’d already gone too far. Kissing her was not part of the plan.

He slid his hands down the length of her arms, peeling the gloves away as he did, wanting to feel the softness of her skin, feel her fingertips on his.

“Captain,” she breathed as he nuzzled his way down to the sensitive spot between her neck and shoulder.

“Nathaniel,” he corrected, teasing her skin with the tip of his tongue. He was being carried away by the moment and the sexy woman in his arms. His thoughts were no longer on his investigation or her brother, but were consumed by Lady Blackburn.

Her pulse against his lips beat as fast as his own. He slipped her gloves into his jacket pockets, and then gripped her hands in his, letting his fingers entwine with hers. They were so much smaller, softer, and delicate, her fingers slender. What would those feminine digits feel like sliding up and down his torso? He wanted her more at that moment than any other female in his life.

“Nathaniel,” she whispered.

Her Captain Dares All

Jeremy meant to only tease her, but the way her eyes reflected his own hunger was his undoing. Her eyes fluttered closed in submission and he could no longer hold back. Snaking his arms around her waist, he hauled Lady Tessa against him and savored the feel of her luscious curves molding with his.

God forgive him, he was going to kiss her.

He touched his lips to hers. They were soft and plush just as he’d thought. He lingered for a moment, then slightly increased the pressure. Lady Tessa melted against him, her arms came up to wrap around his neck, her fingers entwined in his hair. The feel of her delicate digits caressing him sent flutters of exquisite need firing through his body.

Blast! He hadn’t expected such a simple kiss to feel so damned erotic. Her womanly scent enveloped him, and he was lost. He slanted his head to the side, and slid his
tongue along the crease of her lips. She gasped and shivered, her fingers tightening on his hair.

Jeremy let out a low growl, pulling her harder against him. She parted her lips slightly, offering him her mouth for the taking, and take it he did. He thrust inside to plunder the velvety wetness. She tasted delicious. Fruit and spice.

A whimper escaped her as she caressed his tongue with her own. He ran his hands up and down her back and then moved to tease her waist and ribs. She shuddered against him. Her natural response only increased his desire. His blood pulsed hot in his veins, and his body was rock hard. He should stop now before he couldn’t. The way she responded to him was beyond compare.

“Oh, Captain,” she murmured against his lips.

That is all we have for first kisses today… Do you remember your first kiss? Leave a comment to win–comments will be accepted until Monday night for prizes!


This week’s prizes:

  • 1 .pdf copy of Men of the Sea
  • $10 Amazon giftcard (delivered in email)
  • Entry into the grand prize (shh… the grand prize is a secret… Grand prize will be announced on November 22nd)

Don’t forget to come back next week for the announcement of this weeks winner, and for another prize week!