It’s Mistletoe Madness time! From today until the 23rd of December make sure to visit the blog stops on the list for a chance to win over 50 giveaways, and the Grand Prize–a Color Nook pre-loaded with over a dozen novels (including my Regency anthology, MEN OF THE SEA.)

My giveaway this week is a signed print copy of my medieval romance, A LADY’S CHARADE (an Apple I-Tunes top 100 romance!)

Now, for a bit of history on mistletoe… Since ancient times mistletoe has been used a means of gaining a kiss. The plant has been seen as a representation of life, fertility, romance, protection and an aphrodisiac. During Regency times a myth was believed that if an unmarried woman stood beneath the mistletoe and was not kissed, she would end up a spinster! On the other hand, if she was kissed, it could lead to romance and lasting lifetime of happiness.

I keep a sprig of mistletoe hanging by my front door. I never miss an opportunity for a kiss!

Do you have any fun mistletoe stories you want to share?


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