Welcome to the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop! I’m excited to be participating! I love naughty books 🙂

Let’s play a game, called Nice or Naughty! I’ll ask you some questions and you leave the answers in comment section for a chance to win prizes! (see below) Nice= no thanks, I’m headed home. Naughty = Take me, I’m yours!

1. A sensuous, Regency rogue, in britches so tight you can see the outline of his…oh yes… asks you for a midnight dance in the garden–alone. Nice or naughty?

2.  A steamy, hot, dangerous pirate captures you and wants to devour you…from your toes to your nose. Do you want him to play nice or naughty?

3.  A braw Scot, wearing nothing but a kilt to cover his naughty parts, offers to take you for swim in the ocean–you’ll go stroke for stroke (hehehe).  Nice or naughty?

4.  A Highlander, ripped muscles that make you want to melt, offers up a wicked, warrior strip tease. Are you in (naughty) or out (nice)?

5.  Cowboys love to ride…horses.  This hot cowboy, tips his hat and offers YOU a ride–on him. Nice or Naughty???

6.  Sleek in his designer suit, ripped abs trail to the V of his hips… He wants so badly to be your (k)night in shining Armani, with promises of champagne and wicked, all night, up against the wall pleasure. Shall he treat you to nice or naughty?

You know what a blog hop means? Besides prizes from me, you have a chance to win prizes from the many many HOT HOT HOT and naughty authors participating 🙂

6 prizes to giveaway – 6 winners will be chosen for this giveaway so make sure you tell me in your comment which one of these lovely prizes you would love to have. You can list them all if you want.  List of prizes below:

1. Lady Seductress’s Ball (ebook copy)

2. A Pirate’s Bounty (ebook copy)

3. Something Wicked This Way Comes Vol. 1 — with my story, HIGHLAND TRYST (ebook copy)

4. Take it Off, Warrior (ebook copy)

5. Wicked Woman by Annabelle Weston (ebook copy)

6. Mr. Temptation by Annabelle Weston (ebook copy)