This is where I work 🙂 Yes, it is a hot mess! Always has been.

Good morning! Today launches the first day in my month long series, A Writer’s Life: 31 Days of Chaos.

I’m inviting you all into my world, to see the ins and outs, the good, the super-good and the ugly! lol Its not all glamorous. In a perfect world, I’d wake to the singing of the birds and stream of energizing light through my window. My gorgeous, kilt-wearing assistant would hand me a delicious cup of java and strike a pose as inspiration (don’t tell my husband!). The kids would wake up on their own and get ready for school, and the rest of the day would be spent in my fantasy worlds, my books, researching, writing, reading. The house would clean itself and I’d have a chef who prepared dinner every night. *Screeching tire sound* Unfortunately, this is the real world, and it isn’t so… I’ve already had to deal with girl drama–before 8 a.m. I have three daughters. All of whom think they are 16, when in reality they are 11, 6 and 2.5. I will refer to them as Princess #1, #2 and #3.

I woke up to the sound of Hubs answering a work call. His employees love to call him at 5am. It’s glorious. *rolls eyes* He shot out of bed, and I attempted to fall back asleep, but alas it was a no go. I checked my email on my phone, some news articles, the weather, then finally got up around 6:45 to wake the kids. The two older ones whined and cried about having to wake up–not atypical. The youngest one, my little angel, was ready to go! She wanted to put on her dress and shoes and play.

Made my coffee, made the kids’ breakfasts and lunches and by the time I sipped said coffee it was cold. Groaned–must have elixir of life! and rushed out the door to take the kids to the bus stop. Somebody else’s kid stepped in poo. Another mom (not his) and I tried to help him wipe it on the grass, but the bus arrived and he hopped on. My worst fear? He sits next to Princess #2, who will probably gag the whole way to school–and most likely use this as an excuse as to why she can’t go to school tomorrow.

Princess #3 and I returned home. She’s watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, singing and dancing. She is really the sweetest, most well behaved little girl. I wouldn’t be able to work without her. In about an hour she’ll be picked up by one of my dearest friends for a couple of hours as she is every Thursday so I can work. Then we’ll go to a Mommy and Me gymnastics class and have lunch together.

What do I have planned for the rest of the day? I’ll be working for most of it. On what?

I have to come up with an idea for a blog post for a new blog group I joined, History Ink. I need to write two craft related blogs for guest appearances. I’m also working on a critique/edit, so I’ll need to do my daily page count with that as well. I’m teaching a workshop on writing sensual novellas, so will check on assignments and respond to questions. I need to revise three chapters in my completed novel. Then I need to start the first chapter of my new time-travel. Want to get that banged out (hahahah!) pretty quickly. Luckily, I’ve trained myself to write fast. With only a limited amount of time in a day to write, I have be able to put good words on paper in a short amount of time. Typically, I can get in 1000-1500 words in an hour. I shoot for 3K a day when I’m writing a new story–but I think today I’ll have to be satisfied with 1K given the blog posts I have to write.

Need to find time to tackle the laundry… Have about three baskets of clean to put away and four baskets to wash. Kids will be home around 4pm. Will have to have snacks ready and homework done. Princess #2 has Gymnastics. Princess #1 has a Circuit Class this evening at our gym. I’ll workout and read the new book, The Real Elizabeth which I started a couple days ago. Very good. After that, I’ll have to serve dinner… Since the hubs and I are on a diet, I will most likely make us salads with grilled chicken. I am so lucky my kids all love veggies! Salad nights are a hit in our house.

After dinner, we clean up, and chill as a family. Sometimes we read books, sometimes we dance. We might go for a walk depending on the weather, or we’ll watch a show or movie. Then the kids go to bed and the Hubs and I watch one of our shows or a movie (unless I don’t finish my work…then I’ll need to do that, luckily Hubs is very supportive). We just decided to quit cable and instead signed up for Hulu (tv shows) and Netflix (movies), each for only $7.99 a month. It’s saving us $100 a month! We were never able to watch shows at their appointed times anyway, so this works out better for our wallets and our time. I love Alcatraz, Revenge, Spartacus, The Daily Show, and pretty much anything historical in nature.

Well, signing off until tomorrow! You saw my list… gotta get cracking!

Feel free to ask me questions, I’d like to answer one question on writing everyday this month. If you have a question you’d like to ask, email me at writer(at)elizaknight(dot)com or leave it in the comments section.