Another short… Getting ready to leave for a loooonnnngggg drive to the shore, about 2 hours. We’re spending the day with Hubs’ family, which will be enjoyable.

Good news!!! SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES is up for Book of the Month at LASR!  Please vote!!

I am exhausted…  Princess #1 woke up with a nightmare–yes from the the blood in the Twilight movie… The books didn’t scare her at all, but the movie did. Then #2 came in for a hug. And #3….oh, #3, I think she was up about 5 times, I don’t know why, but she called for me every time. Did anyone sleep in??? Nope. They were all up by 7am. And no chance for a nap today…

I’m getting ready to make my second cup of coffee so I can make it through the day! On a good note, I am reading a new book: Sabrina Jeffries, To Wed a Wild Lord. It’s pretty interesting so far.

Off to sweep and mop the kitchen floor before we leave. I hate coming home to a messy house.