I'm a natural clutz... this is me almost falling while getting my author pics taken.

Happy Tuesday!

Today has been relatively uneventful…so far. Princess #2 missed the bus… not for lack of trying though. The poor thing was running, and Princess #1 did not feel obliged to tell the bus driver to wait. Luckily, I was right behind #2, so calmed her tears and drove her to school.

Princess #3 went to her “other” mother’s (my bff) for about 4 hours this morning so I could get some work and cleaning done. The floors are clean and house dusted, dishes done and counters and table wiped down. Even got lots of work done on workshops, critiques and promotional type things. Good thing too, because this evening will be chaotic… Must pick up #2 from school, in order to get to #1 in time who had an after school student council meeting. We will go home, get #1 an early dinner, do homework, then leave for the gym for #1’s circuit class. I’m going to ride the bike, read a book and then do some weights. After the gym, #1 has chorus practice at a local high school, because she was chosen to perform in a county singing festival. I’ll take #2 and #3 home and get them (and Hubs) some dinner–I’m making homemade Mac & Cheese right now. Organic fussili noodles, four different cheeses melted into a cream sauce, and baked. Delish!

Made arrangements for the kennel for our trip to Philly that’s coming up. We’re celebrating some family birthdays, and also doing some sight-seeing. Any ideas of places we MUST see? I definitely want to see the Liberty Bell.

I’m excited, got all the babysitters lined up for when I go to RT next month. Phew! That’s a load off. I always freak out about it. My mom will have them one day, my bff one day, and then Hubs is taking off work for the remaining time. The girls are probably excited about that! He always takes them somewhere special. My last conference they went to the Zoo. Hopefully the weather will be nice and they could do that again.

And right now? Gonna throw in a load of laundry, then buckle down and get my word count in while the cheesy noodle casserole bakes. I have 2 hours left until chaos ensues!

Tip of the day: Just do it. You’ll never get a story finished if you don’t start. Don’t let self-intimidation get you down. Just put the words on paper, and see what happens. If you wrote 250 words a day (about a page), you would have a complete book done at the end of a year.

Until tomorrow!