The girls were eager to get going this morning! I even had time to fold a load of laundry, can you believe that? And it is gorgeous outside! I’m looking forward to #1 and #2 getting home from school. I think we’ll take a nice walk to the park.

I seem to be posting later and later… lol, but in my defense, I’ve been busy!!! Worked on a workshop this morning, some emails, and I’ve been revising chapters in my novel so I can get it shipped off to my editor soon.

I worked on the print version for the second book in my juvenile series, hopefully that will be up and running. I worked on the first chapter in the third book as well. Promised #1 I’d have it finished for her by this summer.  I’m excited, the first book was chosen as an EPIC finalist. Winners will be announced in about a week and a half. I wrote this series for my oldest because she wanted to read some things that I wrote–for obvious reasons, that would not have been appropriate, so now at least with the middle-grade series, she can read some of my books.

Print books came in the mail last night! I’m sharing the pics with you today of SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (my novelette HIGHLAND TRYST) and PIRATE’S PAST (my novella A PIRATE’S BOUNTY). They are my first print books with Ellora’s Cave, and both of them are anthologies. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I took Princess #3 to the library reading group today, with great trepidation. For two reasons. One–the last time we went, months ago, she ran around the room like a tazmanian devil and I got glares of death from several mothers. The second reason…I was picking up a special book to share with my daughter as we’re getting into “that” phase, and I’m totally embarrassed to talk about it! I know, pathetic… But good news! Princess #3 was a darling! She loved it, and I’m so happy, because I’m always looking for fun things to do with her so she doesn’t get bored.

I’m going to bake bread this afternoon. I used to bake bread all the time. Some of you know I’m a total organic, all natural, freak. So I used to bake bread to make sure my kids were getting the best. But I got lazy, and I was buying the organic stuff at the store. So today, I want to make them some delicious bread. I read in Eat This Not That, this morning–and you may or may not know this–but there is an ingredient in bread that makes it plush, soft and squishy. Its made out of crushed up human hair and bird feathers. This ingredient is called L-Cysteine. Its in a lot more foods than you think… I don’t know about you but that is just gross, and seriously un-natural. I do not want to ear hair or feathers.

What’s on the menu for tonight? I have no freaking clue… lol…  Most likely its going to be a sandwich night.

Well, off to get some more work done and clean out our front hall closet before the Princesses get home!

Until tomorrow…