This is the bread I made yesterday 🙂 Its very simple, few ingredients. I use two diff flours, milk, veg oil, sugar, salt, water and yeast. Makes two medium loaves.

Ugh… woke up with a cold! I hate that feeling. Your head is heavy, sore. Your nose is clogged, lots of sneezing, feeling sluggish and there is this gross smell… snot, I think. Its nasty… The kids are all runny noses too.My house is quiet right now… Princess #3 went off with my BFF for the morning before I take her to her gymnastics class. I can’t decide if I should work or watch this documentary that the Hubs doesn’t want to watch with me. Its on health and eating, saw it on the Netflix last night. But I really do need to work, and as I said, its quiet in here…

I’ve done a bit of emailing and workshopping this morning. I need to get to work on my revisions, and I have a critique to do. After #3’s gymnastics, she’ll take a nap, so I’ll have some time then to work as well. But this afternoon will be crazy. When the kids get off the bus, we have to rush for snacks, then go to #2’s gymnastics, then #1’s circuit class.  After all that, I have to get them dinner and homework, then bed. It will be crazy.

Not sure what I’m going to make, but I’m leaning toward a salad night, but I’m so not in the mood for baked chicken. I might have Hubs pick up a roasted chicken at the grocery on his way home, the kids love that.

The bread was a hit last night! And its almost gone after sandwiches for dinner, and then packing lunches this morning. I might have to bake some more.

Hubs and I watched this really weird movie last night, CASHBACK, about an art student who can freeze time and undresses women at the grocery story during his night shift, and draws them. Ultimately, I laughed a lot, and it was a love story with a happy ending.

Finally got the laundry put away! Yay! But there is more in the laundry room waiting for me… It’s the never ending pile.

We have a crazy weekend ahead of us! #2 is having a birthday party sleepover… They have a day of fun activities planned and then her friends are spending the night. Should be fun–and I probably won’t get any sleep.

Today I’d like to tackle the clutter in my room. I’ve been putting it off all week, but every time I go into my room, I hear that “ree-ree-ree” knife slashing music from Alfred Hitchcock’s movies…

Writing Tip of the Day: Don’t forget to show your readers what is going on inside your character’s head. We want to see how they react emotionally. We want the reaction to the action.