Yay, it’s Friday! Pumped up on vitamins yesterday and I’m feeling a lot better today. And good thing too since I have a lot of shopping and cleaning to do today… Fridays are generally my errand day. And I usually do a big clean on the weekend but, with the sleep over tomorrow I won’t have time to clean. The kids are arriving at 11am for a full day of activities. And I have to make sure I’m stocked up on snacks, juice boxes, breakfast, pizza, etc… Gotta bake a cake too! #2 wants her “friends” party to be a white cake with chocolate icing. For her “real” birthday she wants to have strawberry shortcake. I adore her eating habits! She is my little fruit/veggie lover, even more so than everyone else. I am an on again off again vegetarian… (even a Vegan breifly) I know its terrible, I should stick to it, but in a house full of people, and you’re the only one, it makes it tough.

Online Auction to benefit Diabetes Research: BrendaNovakForTheCure.orgI will be participating in Brenda Novak’s auction, along with many other Indie pubbed authors, we’re auctioning books and a Kindle.

I’ve partcipated in this auction before, and its a great way to raise research funds for diabetes, a terrible disease that many people (all ages, races, genders) have.

So, the documentary I watched last night was riveting! I suggest you watch it, if you’re interested in improving your health and diet: Food Matters. Loved it! I didn’t get to watch it during the day as I wanted too… Instead I worked. But the Hubs worked late so after I fed the kids I put it on. He ended up watching half of it with me and found it interesting as well.

Besides the errands I need to run today, I’m also determined to finish the revisions on my novel. Only a few more chapters to go. I also have to work on the goodies I’m bringing with me to RT next month. I’m going to make some bookmarks, then of course there will be chocolate! What is your favorite type of chocolate?

This month I’m participating in The Romance Reviews anniversary party. Today my question is up! Answer the question for a chance to win LADY SEDUCTRESS’S BALL. There are a few other questions posted from other authors as well! Join the party!

What’s on the menu for tonight? Boca burgers on sandwich thins and veggies.

Oh, I almost forgot! Bought #1 Are You There God It’s Me Margaret. She is loving it! Laughed out loud and made me read the scene, “We must, we must, we must increase our bust.” Do you remember this book??? It was one of my faves. Also, she is already on the 4th book in the Twilight series, I think its only been a week! She wants to be a writer and a teacher. I think she’s definitely headed down that path. #2 wants to be a Project Manager like her Daddy, but she wants to move to NYC. She packed a bag last night and said her boss called and needed her to transfer, lol.  #3 just wants to be a princess.  Wonder how I can make that happen?