Good morning! I can’t believe it is March 15th! We’re halfway through March already? We’re almost 1/4 of the way through the year????? Where did the time go???? Can you see me freaking out? lol

Today through Saturday (St. Patrick’s Day!) I’m participating in The Romance Studio’s St. Patrick’s Day party! I’ll be giving away a copy of HIGHLAND STEAM and a copy of MR. TEMPTATION.  Come join the party for lots of fun and prizes!

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about more and more people going green. But I don’t know a lot of people personally who are green. I am labeled. For example, my mom (bless her heart! I love her!) received a free bottle of “green” all-purpose cleaner when shopping a new grocery store this week. She called me and told me I could have it, since that was “my thing.”  My recycling bin is not a bin. Its a giant trashcan that is even bigger than my outdoor trashcan. I am the only one on my street who puts it out weekly–overflowing.

We eat organic. My husband’s co-workers make fun of him 😦 Forget just his co-workers, some of my friends tease me about it too. They call me obsessed. They look at me funny. Hey, I just don’t like to eat chemicals or genetically modified food–which I did a research project on in college over a decade ago! Its always been “my thing.” (Seriously, watch Forks Over Knives)

We use natural and or recycled products in my house (cleaning supplies, makeup, shampoo, sandwich bags, etc…). I also Freecycle frequently–if you haven’t tried this, it rocks! You give away the things you’re done with instead of throwing them away. I try to keep the lights off, use less water, open the windows. What sort of things do you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

Anyways… so far my day has been pleasant. Both older princesses made it onto the bus. The little one and I made our daily shopping treck for fresh fruits and veggies. She’s watching a movie right now so I can get some work done. I have a writing chapter meeting/dinner tonight, which I’m thrilled about. I haven’t been in soooo long! Also means Hubs is coming home EARLY to play Mr. Mom. He’s so adorable!

Well, off to get in my wordcount!