A little something to make you laugh 🙂

YYYYAAAAYYYY it’s Friday!!! TGIF people!

Was that too much excitement? lol

Been running around like crazy today getting everything read for TWO parties we’re hosting this weekend… A sleepover with a bunch of tweenie-boppers, and then a family birthday party. Two different menus. Two different cakes… I’ll be going NUTS!!! Did some vacuuming and dusting. Got rid of a whole trashbag full of toys we don’t use anymore, and arranged for drop off at a consignment shop for some of the nicer baby stuff.

Did do some work on a workshop this morning. And some more character fleshing out for the new story I’m working on. Also posted my promo at the TRS St. Patty’s Day Party.

That is pretty much it in a nutshell today! Now I’m off to make din-din. Tonight’s menu is good ‘ole rice and beans. Love it! After dinner, we will probably watch a family movie. We try to do that on Fridays. Its a nice way for us all to unwind together after a hectic week.

Ta-ta for now!