Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!!  Are you wearing green??? I’m not… But all my kids are. I am however drinking my delicious and refreshing lemon water out of an irish cup–it says, “Kiss Me I’m Irish.”

Soooo today… Wow! This is the first time I’ve sat down! Woke up, got the kids and Hubs breakfast, then took Princess #2 to gymnastics. Went home and cleaned–had to mop the floor… Did the dishes from breakfast, then took Princess #1 with me to my mom’s to borrow her car. Both of our SUV’s are 5 seaters, and Princess #1’s party is today and she is taking 4 of her little friends to an amusement park. Grandma and Gramps have a nice 7 seating SUV. Clutch. Need to get one of those. And in fact, the Hubs just left with all of them chattering! HILARIOUS!!! Princess #1 will be 11. For her birthday we got her a cell phone. So many people thought we were crazy, but let me tell you, all these girls showed up today with cells–one even brought her Kindle FIRE–JEALOUS!!! So I think the cell was a good move on our part. AND then she’ll stop hogging mine 🙂

I am right now baking brownies, and waiting for my cake to cool. For her “friends” party she is having ice cream sundaes, but for the family party tomorrow, she wants an ice cream cake. I found a pretty easy recipe. Will take a pic and show you on Monday.

Princess #2 is in the doghouse… She has an obession with marking up the walls. She colors on them. Writes people’s names… The name Jack is on her wall in her room… in black pen. Anyone have a remedy for getting ink out of the wall? Today I found her name in purple pen by the stairs… then discovered she’d put on her sister’s lipstick and kissed the wall too. ARGH!!!  Made her clean off the lipstick, but seriously, any tips on ink?

Making pizzas for the girls tonight. I’m going to make myself a steamed veggie tortilla pizza (no-cheese). My mouth is watering already thinking about it. Stepped on the scale this morning–another 1lb lost! YAYAYAY!!! I’m on my way! I transitioned myself back to a completely plant-based diet. I’m actually enjoying it a lot more. This time it feel so easy. Not sure why I struggled with it before. I think I must just be ready for it. I feel better inside and out, and its kicked the weight-loss back into gear. I did Weight Watchers for a little over a year, and that helped a lot. Lost 33lbs on WW. BUT, I was always starving, and I’m not a big meat eater, and the carbs were a lot of points. On the plant-based diet, I’ve already lost 4lbs in a little over a week. (And I’m eating carbs!)

Well… wish me luck tonight! I don’t think I’ll get much sleep with all these crazy girls!

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