Yes, I’m a slacker… I guess, when it comes to updating these posts.  This week has been crazy.

I’m in the middle of my word count “write” now, but knew I had to pop on here to at least write something 🙂 I’m listening to Celtic Woman on Pandora while I’m working on a Highlander short story, probably will be around 12-14K. It isn’t a time-travel, but it is the story of two characters that were briefly mentioned in in HIGHLAND STEAM which was a time-travel. I find that I like writing shorts between larger projects. After I finish this one, I have to dig back into two different books. One is a historical, which I will be working on the 3rd draft of. The second is another Regency erotic. I also have to start working on the 3rd Desert Heat book, Notorious Woman, with my writing partner, which we’re published under the name Annabelle Weston. So lots happening on the writing front.

Been working out and sticking to my new plant-based diet. Really feeling like I have a lot of energy which is good, and I’m not hungry, even better, and the scale is moving down–excellent!

For the rest of the day, after I finish up this word count, I will be baking bread, taking kids to various activities, having the kids write thank-you notes, at least one load of laundry. For din-din, I’m making a peanut stir-fried tofu, with brown rice, broccoli and cauliflower.  Last night I made the most delicious thing ever! It was pistachio-asparagus pesto pasta. To DIE for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty… later dudes!