I am very excited to announce my new self-published author interview series that will begin next Monday on this blog. Every Monday, for at least the next two months, I will feature a different author. Each author has been presented with a series of questions related to self-publishing and their books.

The series will be excellent for writers who might be interested in pursuing the self-publishing path—as well as dispelling rumors/biases among readers when it comes to self-pubbed books. I’ve read a ton of self-pubbed books and they are amazing. Self-pubbed books are getting rave reviews and more than a few have made it to the NY Times and USA Today bestsellers lists! Some authors, after self-publishing have even been offered major publishing deals–and then some major authors have left their publishing houses to pursue a career as a self-published author, and yet others have decided to traverse both paths. 

The world of publishing is changing in so many ways. There are a lot more options out there for authors today. It will be interesting to read through the different authors answers to my questions.

I look forward to sharing with you some great authors and books!

Until next week…