Time to start off a new week with another 6 Sentence Sunday!

I love to see how a character changes and grows and how sensuality can play into it. In these 6 sentences from THE HIGHLANDER’S REWARD (currently an Amazon best-selling novel!!!!), Arbella is starting to struggle with her feelings and the sensations Magnus elicits from her… Sigh…

Magnus pressed a hot, entirely too quick, kiss to her lips before leaving the room. She could only stand there, trying to explore what had just happened between them. Trying to understand the sensations whipping through her body, the turmoil in her mind. Magnus made her feel things, showed her things, she didn’t think were possible. He was opening up her eyes to a whole new world. A world of pleasure, desire, and more importantly a world where a man was strong yet sensitive to a woman’s needs. 

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