Can you believe its September already??? I am shocked at how fast this year has gone by. In just a few months we’ll be ringing in the new year and at the end of this month, the second book in my Stolen Bride series, The Highlander’s Conquest, will be out!

Today I’m going to tempt you with yet another six sentences from The Highlander’s Reward, book one in the Stolen Bride series. In this scene the hero Magnus has taken his sister Lorna to her betrothed’s home to be married–not a marriage he approves of because Lorna and her intended sneaked around in some hay bales… She gives him a little piece of her mind and oh how I loved proving him wrong on his opinion on the matter!!!

“Dinna thank me,” he said through clenched teeth. “Ye already compromised yourself.”

Lorna was not impressed with his bluster, and only smiled, batting her lashes. “Ye will see one day, brother, that even though ye’re the Laird Sutherland, love will come up to catch ye in its grasp.”

“I dinna think so.” Love was a game for fools. 

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