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Welcome back to another Sunday snippet! Today, I’m giving you a glimpse of Aliah and Blane’s first kiss, from The Highlander’s Conquest. Sigh… I love first kisses. This scene is from Blane’s perspective.

She closed her eyes, tilted up on her tiptoes. Och, the lass would certainly be the death of him. Threading his fingers into her silken locks, he grasped her head and lowered his lips to hers. The moment their lips met, a strong jolt centered in his gut, spreading outward. ’Twas unlike anything he’d ever experienced with any other lass. And there had been many other lasses. 


BOOK TWO: The Stolen Bride Series

What is a Highlander to do when he falls for the daughter of his enemy?

Highland warrior, Blane Sutherland, has one mission: disguise himself as an Englishman, cross the border and retrieve Lady Aliah de Mowbray. Always up for a challenge, he agrees, pursuing his conquest with vigor—and trying to deny the powerful desire that eclipses him each time he touches his charge. A rogue of the highest order and a younger son, he has nothing to offer a lady but a broken heart.

And what is a lady to do when she cannot trust her heart?

Aliah is skeptical of the English noble who has come to take her to her father and sister in Scotland, but she pushes her doubts aside. Without word in months, she must make certain her family is safe, then she can return to England to join the convent to which she has sworn to pledge her life. But then her escort reveals his true self—he’s a Highlander and his kisses are more seductive than the sweetest of wines.

Surrender never tasted so sweet…

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