Well hello! I’m trying something new here 🙂 A hot scene every Wednesday!

Today’s scene is from my latest release, HIGHLANDER BRAWN… Its filled with sexual tension which I love to write 🙂

A thunderous clap sounded behind her as her door was thrust open with such power it ricocheted against the wall.

“What the devil?” She whirled around and came face-to-face with the man himself.
Her heart skipped a beat and fear trickled along her spine. Gooseflesh rose along her arm. She took him in with wide eyes. “What are ye doing in my chamber? Get out!” She pointed at the door and shoved at his hard chest with her other hand.

“What am I doing? Ye have the nerve to question me after ye nearly killed my mount?”

Again, she rolled her eyes to heaven and tucked her arms across her chest. She tapped her foot against the wooden planks of the floor. “I didna nearly kill your mount at all. I aimed for the exact spot I hit.”

He laughed, his expression a storm of anger, belying the lighthearted sound. “I doubt that.”

Inside, her pride was crushed but she cared not for his thoughts on it. She knew her own skills and wasn’t a braggart. She lifted her chin a notch, refusing to respond to him.

He stepped forward, only a foot away. His heat consumed her, making her want to step the rest of the way so they would be touching, chest to chest, hip to hip. As the thought pummeled through her mind, her body reacted. Nipples tightened, ached. Her cunny grew slick, clenched with the need to be filled. Her breaths quickened. She bit her lip then swallowed hard, stunned by her reaction to him.

“Ye’re a hellion in need of discipline.” His voice was husky, low, a sound that stroked her insides into flames.

And yet she hated him for the words he emitted. Hated him more for the vivid thought of being hauled across his knees as he spanked her bare arse. Hated that the image sent chills of yearning racing along her spine. Her body was betraying her… This was not part of her plan. She didn’t want this. She knew firsthand the pain of falling in love.

And yet… She desired him. But she also felt a deeper connection than just yearning. Somehow, her mind called out to his, and likewise, when he looked at her, she felt the same draw from him. There could never be anything between them. Sorcha could not ever explore what those feelings meant. She would not allow herself to fall in love. However, she would permit touching—just once—to satisfy her curiosity.

She stepped forward, closing the gap between them. Without another thought, she pressed against him, licked her lips. “Then I hope ye will be the one to dole out my punishment.”


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The sequel to Highland Steam.

Sorcha never thought she’d be married, let alone to Reed Campbell, leader of a rival clan. But when her brother and Campbell form a truce—and she finds herself kissing Campbell in her bedchamber—her brother insists on a marriage. And Campbell insists on having Sorcha in his bed. Though she vowed never to fall in love, she can’t resist his strong arms and hot kisses—or the way he spanks her when provoked. And oh, she provokes him. As much and as often as possible.

Campbell has never cared for weak women. Is it any wonder his desire for the sword-wielding, knife-throwing Sorcha consumes him so completely? The lass may say she doesn’t like him, but the way she writhes and moans beneath him proves otherwise. He’s determined to have her in every way—and in every position—it’s possible to have a woman. But first he needs to win her fierce, feisty heart.

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