It’s Hunk Day again!!!

Today’s excerpt is from my new release, THE HIGHLANDER’S LADY! I love when two character’s are butting heads and inside they are warring with ire and desire. This is a kissing scene between Myra and Daniel…

ElizaKnight_TheHighlandersLady2500“Ye canna stay in here with me,” Myra said, staring at the bed.

She refused to kiss him ever again, let alone have him bed her.

“Ye have no choice.”

At his words she whirled around, feeling the heat of her anger fill her cheeks. Hands clenched, she ground her teeth together, trying not to fly into an unladylike rage, complete with a few well-chosen words.

“I have a choice. Everyone has a choice.” At least, if a person was willing to deal with the consequences, they did.

Daniel didn’t flinch at her retort, he did however study her with an expression she’d never seen before. ’Twas dangerous, dark. His jaw muscles clenched, but he did not narrow his eyes in a glower, instead his gaze rested coldly on her, sending a chill up her spine.

“Choice? Nay, I disagree.”

Myra’s hands flew to her hips. “Would ye have everyone under your thumb?”

“Nay, ’tis not possible.”

Oh, blazing baby Jesus, did the man have no sense? Myra tried to gape at him, but was finding that task to be quite difficult.

“Are ye daft?”

At that he did react quickly, stepping toward her only once but closing a distance that would have taken her many steps. His face drew close to hers, enough so that if she moved an inch closer her lips would be on his.

“How dare ye talk to me like that,” he growled. Then his lips were on hers. She didn’t even have time to catch her breath.

This kiss was different than the one he’d given her by the burn. This time his lips pressed demandingly to hers, taking control, ownership. And she didn’t back away. Nay, Myra pressed harder, her fingers curling over the thick muscle of his shoulders, nails digging in through his leine shirt. Daniel’s hands roved over her back, hauling her up against him with a shock to her senses. She gasped, her mouth opening up enough for his invasion. Hot, slick, velvety tongue swept inside her mouth. Oh, by the saints… She was delirious with pleasure, with need, wanton thoughts.

Myra swirled her own tongue around his, loving the way it sent jolts of fire through her system, made her body weak with the need for him to kiss her forever. She was not timid, didn’t balk when he nibbled her lip or when his hands stroked over her arse and tucked her closer, the hardness of his arousal pressing wickedly against the apex of her thighs.

Oh, she was a bad girl, a very very bad girl. But she refused to feel regret over her actions, over her body’s obvious wicked desire, over her need to see this moment fulfilled. Daniel wasn’t a stranger, he was her husband for the moment and she was his wife.

This was allowed… And she was going to revel in being allowed to touch him this way, to take the pleasure he offered this once.

Save…for one little problem. Myra was angry at him. Tired of him bossing her around. If she was going to kiss him, allow him to stroke her arse, it was going to be on her terms.

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A Highlander tamed…

Laird Daniel Murray seeks adventure, battle and freedom for his countrymen. Putting off his duties as laird—with a promise to his clan he’ll return come spring—Daniel sets off with his men to fight alongside William Wallace and the Bruce. But soon he stumbles across an enchanting lady in need. She tantalizes him with an offer he simply can’t refuse and a desire he attempts to dismiss.

A lady’s passion ignited…

Escaping near death at the treacherous hands of a nearby clan, Lady Myra must find the Bruce and relay the news of an enemy within his own camp. Alone in a world full of danger and the future of her clan at stake, she must trust the handsome, charismatic Highland laird who promises to keep her safe on her journey—and sets her heart to pounding.

Together, Daniel and Myra will risk not only their lives, but their hearts while discovering the true meaning of hope and love in a world fraught with unrest.