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Heartbreaker ButtonWelcome to the Heartbreaker Blog Hop! Who doesn’t love a heartbreaker? All my heroes tend to be heartbreakers, at least a little bit.

ElizaKnight_TheHighlandersLady2500In my latest Stolen Bride book, THE HIGHLANDER’S LADY, Laird Daniel Murray, breaks hearts all the time. He’s a hawt, sword-wielding rogue. In fact, he met the heroine, Lady Myra several years prior and broke her heart. She fell in love with him almost instantly, only to come upon him flirting it up with a bunch of other ladies. Now he’s laying on the charm once more, and she has to figure out if she’ll open her heart to him again or run away.

What is it about heartbreakers that make us swoon? Is it their never-ending charm? Wicked smiles full of naughty promise?

Be sure to leave a comment (WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!) below in order to be entered to win the GRAND prize (3 winners), as well as to win a prize on this site (2 winners)! I’m giving away a signed copy of THE HIGHLANDER’S LADY and a deck of Heart to Heart Conversation Cards for Valentine’s Day (learn, listen, talk, explore the unique history of the people you care about! Includes 46 question cards, 1 mystery/secret card, and instructions)–to one US/Canada winner, and 1 ebook copy of THE HIGHLANDER’S LADY to an international winner!

The GRAND prize… (Sorry, US winners only!) DSCN1367 ABOUT THE BOOK:

A Highlander tamed…

Laird Daniel Murray seeks adventure, battle and freedom for his countrymen. Putting off his duties as laird—with a promise to his clan he’ll return come spring—Daniel sets off with his men to fight alongside William Wallace and the Bruce. But soon he stumbles across an enchanting lady in need. She tantalizes him with an offer he simply can’t refuse and a desire he attempts to dismiss.

A lady’s passion ignited…

Escaping near death at the treacherous hands of a nearby clan, Lady Myra must find the Bruce and relay the news of an enemy within his own camp. Alone in a world full of danger and the future of her clan at stake, she must trust the handsome, charismatic Highland laird who promises to keep her safe on her journey—and sets her heart to pounding.

Together, Daniel and Myra will risk not only their lives, but their hearts while discovering the true meaning of hope and love in a world fraught with unrest.


“What of yourself? How will ye protect me from yourself?”

Daniel laughed at that, spreading his arms outward. “Have some faith, Lady Myra, I wouldna harm ye. I do possess a certain amount of self-control.”

Myra studied her escort for several moments, taking in his towering height, the breadth of his shoulders, strength of his legs. He was a man built for warring. Despite his considerable bulk, he moved with ease and grace, giving credence to his control of his body—but his mind was another matter.

“Ye’ll pardon me for being skeptical. ’Tis not a man’s tendency to contain himself when alone with a female.”

“Truly? Ye think all men beasts?” He stepped closer to her and she imagined heat coming off his large frame in waves.

“Those I’ve come to meet.”


Was there a twinge of hurt in his words? Had she offended him?

“I mean no offense, Daniel. ’Tis only my experience that I speak of.”

“I take no affront, Lady Myra. Ye’ve been through quite a trauma today.”

He glanced up at the sky, assessing the whitish-grey clouds and she did the same, wondering at his thoughts.

“I will see ye safely to Eilean Donan, so ye might be about your business.” He paused, considering her. She felt more exposed than she’d ever been in her life, and she couldn’t be sure why. She was completely clothed. He had no idea who she truly was. “On one condition.”

Myra swallowed, feeling her nerves prickle. He was indeed a man. “What is your price?”

Daniel nodded his chin in her direction, a challenging glint entering his eyes. “Ye must agree to marry me.”

She gasped, stepped back, her mouth agape in horror. She fisted her hands into the folds of her gown and cloak. “Marry ye?” Shaking her head vehemently, she tried to keep her throat from closing in panic.

“Aye.” He didn’t sound even a quarter as nervous as she did. Almost like he asked lasses to wed with him on a daily basis.

Was the notion of being forever tied to another so mundane to him? Of so little value? What kind of a man was he?

Miraculously, she was able to recover her voice and was pleased when her reply came out in steady, even tones, “Why would I do that?”

“Because ye want to reach the Bruce in one piece. Because your reason for getting there is of such importance ye will not tell me why. Because I will keep ye safe and ye’ve already had the misfortune of meeting one of the many vagrants upon the road. Next time ye may not be so lucky—even with your swift hand.”

He had a point… Myra didn’t want to die.


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