Happy Monday!

With the craziness of packing, etc… this post got away from me! But I still want you all to be prepared. Here is my Top 10 list for pitching at a conference.

TEN: Have a one line hook/pitch ready. Could be a sentence or a question, but gives the idea of the book.


A Highland warrior steals the intended of an English noble only to fall in love. — THE HIGHLANDER’S REWARD

Gabrielle thought sleeping with her brother’s best friend in college was a colossal mistake–until he becomes her rebound and shows her what real love is. — THE REBOUND PACT

What happens when an emotionally damaged woman travels back in time, into the arms of a dangerous, sensual Highland warrior, who challenges her to let go of her inhibitions? — BEHIND THE PLAID

NINE: Memorize your one line pitch.

EIGHT: On an index card, write down your title, one-liner, and your blurb. Carry this with you everywhere. You never know when an editor at a bar or in the hallway might ask for your pitch.

SEVEN: Be prepared to take 5 minutes to talk about your book and your characters. Why is it unique? Why should they bother paying for it? Make sure your pitch shows this.

SIX: Practice your pitch with friends. It helps to actually talk it out with someone else, rather than just what’s on the page.

FIVE: Don’t offer them your printed manuscript!

FOUR: Prepare some questions for the agent/editor you’re pitching to. Show that you are interested, and that you’ve done your homework. Make sure they acquire what you are pitching

THREE: Be prepared with a second pitch! They may ask for another book!

TWO: Take a deep breath and relax. They are people, too.

ONE: When you’re finished, don’t ruminate on anything you think was a mistake to say, or what could have gone wrong. Pitching is hard, but they are used to people being nervous. Don’t beat yourself up. Revel in the fact that you did it! Go chat with your friends!