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Can you believe that it’s fall? I am shocked that October is here…

Who’s ready for another rousing Six Sentence Sunday? I am!

I like it when a hero will torture himself to see that the heroine is comfortable. The following excerpt is from THE HIGHLANDER’S CONQUEST. Blane has agreed to switch horses with Aliah. His horse is Gunnar, a stunningly beautiful warhorse, and her mount is called Mad Maiden–completely fitting.

With that said, they returned to the horses and he introduced her to Gunnar, the latter acting like a besotted fool. Cursing his mount, Blane climbed atop Aliah’s bouncy mare, and ordered his men to depart.

Satan’s ballocks, the lass wasn’t exaggerating. The mare had the gait of… Well, he didn’t know what, but he jostled all around, and couldn’t seem to get her to move correctly. ’Twas as if she walked with four left feet.

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